Our Mission is simple, Every Child Has a Great Teacher.  

Three Year Goal:

25:5:3: Fully fund 25 schools, in 5 countries, in 3 years.

Partners in education:

By using a sponsor-a-child model, The Teacher’s Trust supports teachers, We provide them with the stability they need to build great students. The funds are used to provide ongoing monthly support of salaries, training, supplies and more. We provide grants to the schools so they can shift the tuition money they continue to receive to other needed projects in the school.

Pilot Project:

The start? In Haiti, the most impoverished nation in the Americas. The Teachers Trust will partner with the Cherette Baptist School in the Spring of 2018, goal of sponsoring 5 teachers. Based on the learning garnered from the pilot programs, we plan to expand within Haiti and then grow the program to other countries in the Caribbean Basin.

School Selection Process:

Application:  Each school will need to supply The Teachers Trust will a completed application.

Elements of the application:

  1. Campus Visit and positive recommendations.
  2. School and School Leadership Information
  3. Organization History and Mission.
  4. Organizational Affiliation and Notice of Support, if needed, from affiliated organization.
  5. Financial Statements and projected plan should funding be granted.
  6. Enrollment data.
  7. Training Needs Assessment.
  8. Agreement to oversite, reporting, grant, ethics requirements.

Grant are review by Staff and Executive Committee of the Board for final determination.

Grant awards:  Approved grants are distributed monthly in the first year.  Based on the results of the annual review grant awards in following years grant distribution may, upon approval of Executive Committee of the Board move to a quarterly grant distribution.


Evaluation and Accountability:  Grants will be reviewed quarterly and annually. Review and evaluation is based on the school’s monthly self-report and financial statements, as well as follow up random site visits/audits by a country coordinator and/or Trust staff.

Earmarks and Donor directed funds:  We will accept “earmarked” funds for distribution to specific partner schools or individuals within those schools. All funds are subject to the application, approval and accountability processes. Funds will not be distributed to unapproved organizations.  Gifts specified to individuals within approved organizations will be aggregated into the grant for distribution.

Record Keeping:  Information on Donors, Partner Schools (applications, including their self-reports, site visit reports, etc. contact information), electronic communications and financial records will be maintained as in accordance with relevant US federal laws, relevant IRS regulation and as required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.